Pro Tips - Traxxas ID Charger Modification

Warning: Eliminator-RC is NOT responsible for any damage caused by doing this. If using genuine Traxxas connectors having this modification done properly there will be no risk but you must be careful when doing this. This modification should only be done on NIMH chargers that come with the RTR kits.

The new Traxxas Id Connector was designed to avoid confusion when plugging in. Only a problem with knockoff battery companies making their own version of a Traxxas connector. It was meant to force people to buy Traxxas batteries to use on RTR chargers or to buy a new charger.

If you look you can see the tab at the top of the charger connector. Step 1

It stops a regular TRX end from plugging in. Step 2

You cut this tab out with a sharp exacto knife and it fixes the problem. Make sure your charger is un-plugged and do not cut your fingers while doing this. Step 3

It will look like this when done. Step 4

Now your batteries will plug in. Make sure when plugging in that the gold bars on the connector touch the contacts on the charger. Step 5 Step 6