Pro Tips - Electric Tips

When using your model please make sure to TURN RADIO ON FIRST AND OFF LAST. Not doing this can cause issues and/or harm to the model. If your radio has a pull up antenna make sure it is fully extended to get maximum range.

Please make sure to charge all NIMH batteries at 1-2 amps for the first charge. The battery will not reach full life until 10-15 charge cycles. Lipo batteries can be charged at 1c. (1000mah battery at 1 amp)

NIMH and Lipo batteries can NEVER be run dead and should only be driven or flown until it slows down and/or gets to the voltage cut off.

NEVER leave batteries plugged into the charger unattended and never leave batteries plugged into a vehicle or aircraft. Always unplug them when you are done using.

Store NIMH batteries fully charged and Lipo batteries at half charge. Never store batteries uncharged.

Most electric motors require a break-in before use. Please refer to the manual for instructions. (usually 1/4 - 1/2 throttle unloaded for 5 mins and let cool before use again)

Always clean after running and check all fasteners to make sure they are tight. It is a good idea to lube bearings every few uses. Please refer to manual for directions and after care

All waterproof cars must be clean of all water and snow after using in wet conditions. All bearings and motors must be cleaned and lubed to prevent wear and failure.