Sign in and pay for practice/racing before you place your car on the track. Both rental and personal transponders are available.

Check for loose screws on the bottom of car chassis and check ride heights every time before you put your car on the track. Ride heights are 3mm for 1:12 and 5mm for 1:10.

No Smoking anywhere in the facility. There is an ashtray that has been provided for you on the wall outside of the back door.

Tire Truing must be done in the area assigned and the area must be vacuumed and left in a decent manner.

Remove all excess tire compounds on the burn-out table and not on the track.

Use Odorless only for tire compound.

A towel or cloth must be used to cover your pit table surface Always leave your pit table clean after use.

Drain coffee cups/water bottles/pop bottles of liquid before tossing in the garbage cans.

Do NOT walk across the track to the pit area, stay off the carpet/track walk around. This also applies to the outdoor and indoor gas track, do NOT walk on it.

Off Road Track Users please do not track dirt into the pit area. Wipe your feet! Keep the dirt out!

Use your frequency clips on the frequency board or request a temporary one. For 75mhz fm users we have a frequency scanner at each timing booth for extra safety.

No radios ON in the pit area.

If the garbage or washrooms need servicing please let staff know.

Be careful on rainy or snowy days as the floor can get slippery.

Be courteous to our newer, perhaps younger, drivers. You may have been one of them at one time too.

No yelling at turn marshals and you must marshal after your race or find a replacement.

The use of reverse is prohibited during races.

Be ready to race!

Please have the right attitude... this is a hobby and supposed to be FUN! No cursing or temper tantrums, we are a family facility!

There will be NO selling of new or used equipment allowed on track property.

Eliminator-RC or affiliates take NO responsibility for any damage or liability to you or your RC Car (This is a race environment, parts break). But we do wish you the most enjoyment at our RC Facility.

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