Pro Tips

Savage OFNA Linkage Mod

This is a must on savage to:
-Gain proper throttle opening
-More consistent and adjustable brakes

You will need a linkage kit and a spare set of sliders, as well as a longer screw. Step1

Find the adapter that fits on the servo and install it then cut all the servo tabs but one (make sure the screw can spin freely in the hole) and assemble the sliders like so: Step2 Step3

You can bend the rod so it fits in the bell crank for install the ball (I like doing the ball because it can be snapped on and off for clearance when working on the truck.) like so: Step4

Install the rod and curve it to clear the roll bar: Step5

Slide the rods through the sliders (brake on the bottom throttle on the top) and install a rod stopper on the top with a piece of fuel line (to absorb shock) and then the slider followed by another stopper. Step6

Pull the trigger and adjust the rear rod stopper until the carb opens all the way: Step7 Step8

Then let the throttle go and make sure it closes all the way (if not adjust the front rod stopper): Step9

Then try the brakes and make sure the engage then adjust your break knob (if needed)
*****very Important that the front spring on the throttle linkage has just a little pressure on the slider ad idle***** Step10